Temporarily Closing

by Ilja

So what a year this is turning out to be....6 months ago no one could even contemplate this situation.

It has been a very difficult time for us and we are not alone.

I have been trying to maintain a delivery and takeaway service and we would like to thank you for your fantastic support. My daughter has been with me all the way and she has been incredible and didn't moan once, took it in her stride and did the best she could.

Currently, I am still working on some new ideas and am struggling with the time to do it all and I also need to get ready for when we can actually open.

This needs to be thought about and we need to make some big changes so that it'll be safe and still functional. The safety of my staff and of course you, our customers is absolutely paramount.

Therefore, we are going to close temporarily so that we can make it all possible. Maybe even a new lick of paint.

It's very likely that it will be a bookings only experience so that we can regulate the social distancing and utilise the timings so that you can all still enjoy your meal out.

I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you again very soon.