About Little Amsterdam

Little Amsterdam is the name that the Dutch affectionately use for Haarlem, a beautiful market town about 20km from the capital. I was born in Haarlem so to call this delightful café Little Amsterdam is very appropriate.

I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the very best The Netherlands has to offer.

It’s not just about clogs and tulips, The Netherlands has so much more. From the famous cheese markets to beautiful architecture, from culture and history to the people themselves and, of course, the food. Dutch pancakes are pretty much as popular as fish and chips are here in the UK.

Many people think that pancakes are eaten only as a sweet treat but they can be enjoyed as much as any main course.

The Dutch pancake isn’t really complete unless it is served with stroop (syrup, pronounced strope) - my favourite is the cheese, bacon and stroop pancake... delicious!

I also recommend the “poffertjes”, another extremely popular Dutch dish. These are fluffy mini pancake “discs”, best served with butter and a generous dusting of icing sugar... amazing!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Little Amsterdam.


Awards & recognition

Café of the Year - 2015!

We were open for less than a year and we were delighted to have been voted as winners of the 2015 Café of the Year competition.

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